Bakery Barn began January 2000 in a small apartment. At that time, Sean Perich was employed as a CPA for a national accounting firm requiring extensive travel and frequent meals on-the-go. In an attempt to create a better tasting high protein meal replacement, he began baking vanilla protein powder into a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Fifteen months and a few KitchenAid mixers later, a recipe was developed that wasn't too bad. Late in 2001, a sports nutrition distributor asked Sean about his protein cookies after watching him eat one in the gym following a workout. A brief conversation ensued after which the distributor ordered 200 dozen high protein cookies. In order to produce the order, Sean lined up all of his available vacation time and begged his mother and sister to help him bake. Three weeks later, the order was completed and delivered. To everyone's surprise, all of the cookies were sold the first week prompting the distributor to immediately place an order for 400 dozen more protein cookies. With all of his vacation time exhausted for the year, Sean quit his job and Bakery Barn was born.

In May 2003, Bakery Barn decided to share the delicious high protein cookies with California-based Apex Fitness Group under contract manufacturing terms. 24-Hour Fitness Clubs, parent company of Apex Fitness, which owns over 425 health clubs mostly in the western United States and Asia began selling the cookies under their label to its clubs as well as about 900 others. "It took off like wildfire," said Jim Starr, Director of Product Development at Apex Fitness and now V.P. Product Development for dotFIT, LLC. Bakery Barn ended up providing 12 cookie and bar products to Apex Fitness.


As word spread about these high protein cookies in gyms, Bakery Barn started contract manufacturing for some of the industry's biggest brands which saw the growing opportunity.

To facilitate client needs based on consumer targets, Bakery Barn began to develop cookie-bars, breakfast squares, and brownies. Over the past ten years, Bakery Barn has emerged as one of the industry's "go to" companies for great tasting, innovative, protein fortified bar solutions. BBI's secret has always been HEAT; all of our bars are baked. Our proprietary baking technology allows us to formulate great tasting gourmet items that provide the same macronutrient profile as the most aggressive protein bars on the market. The heating process also enables Bakery Barn to produce products with far superior flavor, texture, and shelf stability than the traditional cold extruded and slab-and-slit bars which are not baked.



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